Share Just Like Crap is a really really and i mean really Crappy Comic blog. Now why i say that its crappy because it is...Just Like Crap. No seriously!

The comics are trying hard to be funny but to no avail and most of the reactions after reading the comics would be..."hey! this is just like crap" or "wtf!!"

Maybe thats why the name Just Like Crap suits it so much. So much so that there is even a stupid fan page on Facebook for the same.

Ok enough of gyaan. Lets crap out loud! Because no matter who we are and where we belong....we were always made to feel just like crap.

From the minds of

He (The Crappy Ideas & Execution.), Incase this guy really makes your curious then check this out here at your own RISK!
She (The Blatant Promotions) &
Him (The WTF Designs)


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