Who's the Culprit?

Share Hey! hi there its nice you want to know whose the real guy behind this crime is & chances are you are a noble soul who dosen't want this world to end before 2012! ( yeah we saw the movie & it made us feel even more crappier- here's a comic for it too - End of the World )

Well in real life this Crapper dosen't kill people unlike in his comics so don't be scared.

Here's what you should know about him :

-When he is angry, he just disappears into thin air (so just pray that happens & no more crap!). But yeah he hardly get angry….so you wud occasionally find him blinking in an out, but hardly disappearing.

- At the age of 8,he was kidnapped for a ransom of 50 thousand…..which obviously his parents gave the kidnappers to take me away.

- He can fly but only using wings…well obviously, his wings are not visible to naked eye.

- He was bitten by a wolf in the Amazon….Now on full-moon he turns into a werewolf, that explains the gap in his teeth and the bushy eyebrows.

- He is a cannibal, he can eat himself.

- At the age 6, he was bitten by an eel and till the age of 12 used to pass on electricity…a.k.a… The Electric-Man.

- People think Ali Baba chaalis chor is a fairy tale…well its not… He was the 27th chor.

- He can alter his past…..Yes, he is the proud owner of a time travel portal.

- A shifter, with an ability to travel between the 2 parallel worlds at the same time. On earth, He is 23, other place he is 2376 years old.

- And above all he is the BIGGEST LIAR!! but somewhat like the guy in the BIG FISH (the movie yeah..)

P.S : The purpose of using "he" instead of "I" is that it makes him (see again!) sound like a busy person who has more to do than just fascinate people with his crappy stories.


  1. What a Crap!! I have wasted 10 mins of my life in reading this shit.



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