Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why do people hate Google Instant?

This in reference to the super quick search functionality of Google, called Google Instant which gives you suggestions right in your face. Infact its so fast, it kinda predicts the future. Do you hate Google Instant?


  1. #fail. what you show above is google suggest, not google instant.

  2. Google Suggest never blocked half the screen and didnt really 'irritate' us with the suggestions, which Google Instant is a master at.

  3. @google instant search - Thanks, but I can type and still have a brain ...

  4. I absolutely HATE this INSTANT feature, it has slowed down my searches so many times, so many times it just freezes what I type, it tries to outsmart me with guesses, then I want to turn it off FOREVER, but it keeps coming back the next day for more pain. It's likethey force this on us. This probably stems for google staff being out of touch with the world beause they have some super fast (fiber optics) internet speed to engineer new features, so they think the entire world is super fast, also INSTANT makes me feel bad because when I turnoff it says my connection is SLOW when it is just ordinary. Dear google please remove instant, and by default, this is probably the most annoying thing since last year YOUTUBE is forcing this VEVO crap on us.



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