Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Numerology can be fatal?

Statutory Warning: Do not try this at home


  1. Ahk!! That's what you call total crap! Awesome! :D

  2. I have had a few experiences with numerology and with them saying my friendships will be bitter, grief will be caused by members of the opposite sex. I actually started believing they were true. At that time, depressed and lost I actually bought all of it. No mate, no good friends, I simply didn't trust them because of what someone said and not that they couldn't be trusted in the first place. So yes, it had a big impact on me but just recently after learning not to be too gullible. The question hit me...Who died and made them God? Their most negative predictions hopefully backfires at them and their most positive predictions hopefully never apply to them. All of them.



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